The Girl that played with Fire.

Allison Finnigan • Seventh Year Slytherin
Prefect • Musician • Aspiring Herbologist


Plus Three || The Thomas Family


“Around twelve.” Karim answered as he checked on Kamal, then made his way over to Alliyah’s door.

" Alright. Danhya’s not coming today. Said something about a checkup on the phone the other day? Arun said that there’s a 75 percent chance of them coming, but they’ll get a hold of us if they aren’t," she sighed heavily, but ended up smiling a little bit after a few second. "Kel, sit still, babe. You need pants."

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    "Thank you." Even with how close everyone was getting, Maina didn’t seem to cry. Kamal put his hand on her head very...
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    Karim went to kneel by the couch and held Kellan up a bit so he could still see the baby girl in his mother’s arms....
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    "Certainly," Arun nodded with a smile. "I’ve now got to remember there’s a helpless life in the house instead of...