The Girl that played with Fire.

Allison Finnigan • Seventh Year Slytherin
Prefect • Musician • Aspiring Herbologist


Two Girls, One Bump || Karim & Allison

The day that The Hogwarts Express chugged into the station near the castle to take the students off for Easter break couldn’t have come any slower. In fact, nor could the minute that the Hogwarts Express screech to a halt to let them out to finally see their parents, either. Allison was on her prefect patrol for less than five minutes before she walked back to her and Karim’s compartment, her arms folded over her chest and an uninterested look upon her face. 

"I’m done," she demanded as she drew the curtain and locked the door for little interruption. One more minute of waving her wand at kid after kid to shut them up and Allison was going to put them all to sleep instead.

Allison turned and glanced out the window, “Looks like we’re almost home, though.”

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    Karim kissed her back, “I love you too, Allie. I’ll see you tonight.”