The Girl that played with Fire.

Allison Finnigan • Seventh Year Slytherin
Prefect • Musician • Aspiring Herbologist


Karim & Allison

The meeting with Albus actually went as well a Allison thought it would. Not better, not worse, but exactly how she planned due to her knowledge of the necessary likes and dislikes of her Slytherin friend. It also gave Karim a small kick back into his social life other than his family, Kamil’s girlfriend, and his own girlfriend. 

With what happened only days before however, Allison still had the thought that Karim was apprehensive about the plan. Though with him not being a guinea pig, he shouldn’t have had anything to worry about, right? He seemed fine both with Albus and the plan once they arrived at the Potter’s Potion’s lab, anyway …

Ah well, Allison thought as she and Karim started their journey back to the seventh floor, There’s nothing for him to worry about. And if he is a little bit afraid, I’ll just have to try to reassure him. That’s all I can do until the prank is over, anyway.

Allison grinned through the thought though, thinking of how well Karim ended up conversing with Albus, even if it was just a sentence here or there.

"So, how’d you feel?"

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