The Girl that played with Fire.

Allison Finnigan • Seventh Year Slytherin
Prefect • Musician • Aspiring Herbologist


New Faces || Allen & Kamalah

The day before went just as planned; the couple’s second Valentine’s Day was a complete success. Allison was completely clueless as to why she had been so anxious about her gifts to Karim: the 52 Reasons Why I Love You book, the mug and breakfast, and ending with a massage containing oils that made him smell (and taste) like a chocolate strawberry … And his gifts to her made her melt, which was rare for her to do, but seemed so easy with the Gryffindor. The day dedicated to showing those you love how much you love them had probably been won by Karim himself, and Allison believed that no one could beat such a thing as Karim has given her unless he proposed on the spot. The painting of him, her, and Kamal and Alliyah at their dream house continued to remind her that he thought she was the one; that he wanted to spend his life with her and raise a family with her, and had came to the conclusion at such a young age. It continued to remind her that the boy she had grown up with really did think she was perfect, tolerating her for years and hopeful years to come. The painting continued to remind Allison that they were dedicated to a dream, and that dream held all of the love in the world. And to top it off, she had the chance to taste some more of his confectionery work as they both relaxed together with their given teas.

Allison woke up with a faint smile gracing her lips, feeling like a slug; almost too relaxed. She tried to take in an energizing breath to fill her lungs, but as she sighed it out, her center was been pulled and sunk more into the mattress. As the Slytherin stretched her legs out, she lazily rolled her body over to Karim’s side of the bed, reaching her arms out to find and embrace him. There was an ease that she never felt before in her life when she pulled his body against hers. Karim felt weightless right then.

And small. Allison felt a tiny waist in her grasp.

Her eyebrows furrowed, resting her head back down to the pillow still half asleep. But she felt something else. Hair tickled her nose as it grazed against her. Allison pushed her head back a ways and let go of Karim’s body. Her green eyes noticed long and bouncy curls in front of her (or at least longer than Karim’s hair was), and the figure resembled that of a girl’s.

Allison’s eyes widened as she quickly slid back away from the girl before giving a slight scowl.


"Who the hell a-" she began to question loudly, but something was wrong. Her voice … it was lower. Allison tripped on the word, stopping as fast as she could before jerking her head downward.

A flat chest.

What the hell is going in!? Allison questioned to herself. The Slytherin followed down the back of the girl in front of her and noticed Karim’s pajamas. The weight of her breasts were eliminated, and she held up her arm to see a build almost like her brother’s. Her hand glided down her torso, noticing bump after bump underneath her own pajamas. The long, dark hair that brushed against her shoulders each morning after she sat up was no longer there. And she didn’t even want to witness what other changes she had taken on that night … at least not until she left the main room to take a shower.

Allison wasn’t Allison, not even some of her thoughts. Allison was Allen, and someone was going to have hell to pay.

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