The Girl that played with Fire.

Allison Finnigan • Seventh Year Slytherin
Prefect • Musician • Aspiring Herbologist


Locked Up || Karim & Allison

*Allison finds an empty compartment after her ventures through the carriages; pulls the curtains on each window down and locks the door to the compartment; finds her skirt, her blouse, sweater, knee-highs, and shoes in her duffle bag before zippering it back up and throwing it up onto the railings above the left bench; slips her skirt on before sliding her jeans off; takes her casual sweater off to put her blouse on over top of her white cami, and then layers it with her Slytherin sweater; sits down to pull her knee-highs up and put her loafers on; folds everything into a neat pile and throws them up near her bag; opens the door, walks out, closes the door, and puts her robe on as she trudges to the first car for the quick prefect meeting*

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